Background Information

The maturity model was developed to highlight Strategy Implementation Maturity in your organization. It was designed to analyze and assess the gap between your organization’s CURRENT Strategy Implementation Maturity level and your DESIRED Strategy Implementation Maturity level. It hones in on four critical areas:

  1. Strategy Creation: Methods you use to gather, synthesize & manage vital information
  2. Alignment: Degree to which your organization coordinates/cascades/shares & aligns plans & actions
  3. Execution: Deployment, management and refinement of plans, projects and actions
  4. Accountability: Utilization of metrics, process indicators & performance management to measure and drive results

How It Can Help Your Organization

This maturity will help you identify specific improvement opportunities in your organization’s Strategy Implementation process. The survey and model results will also help create an understanding of strategy implementation maturity in organizations generally, identify the perceived “Ideal”, and isolate the specific areas where the greatest maturity has been achieved, as well as those issues where the largest maturity gaps occur overall.

Next Steps

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