Have you outgrown your single user applications such as ExcelTM and PowerpointTM to drive and report on your organization’s strategy, metrics, objectives, initiatives and projects?

Are you looking for a way to integrate these organization critical activities in an easy to use, cost effective, scalable application that can grow with you?

Are you ready to change but are afraid of the “hidden costs” and risks of change?

Configured for your organization

Use only those modules and features that best fit each department’s needs and requirements. Ranging from basic goals and objectives alignment, to complex portfolio and project management. phase reviews, phase gate sign-offs,and interactive emails are just a few.

Rapid Implementation

ISM offers template driven setup which allows the user to define their own strategy, project, portfolio and reports. Templates are created by the end user, without the use of IT or an application developer, in less than 1 week.

Ease of use with personalized pages, double-click editing and reports you can edit in real-time.

Only pay for what you use and use successfully

Y-Change will set up and configure a test environment for you to try out the modules, features, reports and linkages that you need to be successful, at no cost to you!


Why change? Because it is time to take the next step…