Integrated Strategy Manager (ISM) is a real-time strategy management software which translates corporate strategy into aligned metrics, objectives, initiatives, projects and tactics.

ISM links strategy to execution by providing a clear and complete view from any point within the strategic process. This gives employees the ability to access, connect and report on activities, so they can focus their efforts in a more strategic manner.

The Y-Change® ISM solution enables companies and employees to manage aligned strategic and project implementations resulting in:

Greater strategic integration to manage performance (Hoshin Kanri)

  • Company and department goals, objectives, metrics, initiatives, documents and projects are clearly viewable
  • Employee activities including meetings, action items, tactics are easily accessible
  • Initiative and project for comprehensive strategy management

Strategy Execution Software: Improved alignment, communication and reporting

  • Centralized source for all company strategic information allows for easy reporting and refinements
  • Visible alignment upwards, downwards and across departments enables a uniform  strategy management process
  • Integration with MS WordTM , MS ExcelTM and MS ProjectTM aids in organization-wide communication

Real-time company-wide dashboards and accountability

  • Progress on performance metrics is reported throughout the application with the use of scorecards and dashboards
  • Employee performance measurement to aligned goals, objectives and tactics
ISM Strategy Cascade