Our Project Portfolio Execution module provides  all managers with the ability to track the progress of multiple projects that are important to them. These projects may be of a specific type that cut across all department boundaries (i.e. Six Sigma), be a part of a specific initiative within a division or department (i.e. Cost Reduction or Customer Satisfaction), or may be those that fall under the responsibility of a specific manager (i.e. Continuous Improvement projects within manufacturing).

ISM offers a powerful project / portfolio management collaboration tool that can be integrated with existing organization programs to provide views into projects’ status, time and cost tracking, meeting notes, agendas and documents. This system provides a centralized way to coordinate the various projects being undertaken within the organization, resulting in:

Improved Communication
  • Centralized project details provide consistent information to all involved in the project.
  • Project team members can easily collaborate, regardless of location.
  • Use of browser interface eliminates file type or revision problems.
Flexible Project Alignment
  • Projects are effortlessly organized by function, type and location
  • Status reports are quickly generated based on user needs.
  • Inter-department project links are readily available and can provide a scalable view within the organization.
Task Accountability
  • Action items are displayed on each user’s home page.
  • Project responsibilities are listed on each project page and can be viewed by those with defined security permissions.
  • Due dates and status can be monitored with automated status feedback and alerts.