Strategy Execution Software

Our integrated strategy execution software (ISM) provides a better way for organizations to manage strategies, projects and people. Instead of building & running excel applications yourself, you can create, manage, and deploy all of this information through a web browser. Benefits include:

  • Faster Return on Investment

  • Lower Initial Investment

  • Scales to meet your needs

Our cloud platform enables organizations to remain focused on their success, while avoiding the potential to become side-tracked on building and maintaining internal applications. Our Cloud Computing service provides a very predictable cost structure with no hidden costs or fees.

  • Let us host your deployment


    Our solution uses enterprise architecture to protect your data at all levels, in a SAAS 70 type 2 certified environment. Our state-of-the-art security includes 128 SSL encryption, Cisco pix firewalls, and intrusion detection.


    Our application is designed for small, medium and large organizations. You can easily scale from 1 user up to thousands of users as required. The days of having to buy hardware and manage costly servers are gone. As you grow in size our application and infrastucture will scale in advance to meet your current and future needs.


    Customize the system to meet your organization’s needs and processes without a line of code. No need for expensive technical masterminds. Add fields, change labels, tailor the application to meet your work flows, all at the click of the mouse. As we upgrade our software you get all the benefits without having to change your current setup.


    Our Web Services provide a look into our data so your systems can integrate and stay connected through standardized RESTful API’s. We can integrate over the Internet which can help reduce costs, improve reliability and accelerate the ability to connect your applications together in a meaningful way.


    The secret weapons of the in-house solution are features, integration and flexibility. Y-Change’s ISM software solution will integrate into your Corporate Environment, quickly and easily. Its open architecture allows for it to communicate with any of your open Enterprise Systems or applications.