Y-Change, Inc. Launches 7.2.5 Visual Strategy & Portfolio Dashboards and scorecards

Transforming strategy and projects into results

Fremont, CA – August 16, 2012 – Y-Change, Inc. (, a leading provider of software solutions that translate corporate strategy into aligned objectives, metrics, initiatives, projects, today announced the newest release of their application. This current 7.2.5 version utilizes new reporting capabilities that include scorecards and dashboards.


  • Display Metrics in a variety of formats
  • Define selected metrics by department, initiatives, and tactics


  • Display color coded boxes to show metric or initiative status at a glance
  • Allow for a visual drill down and display of objectives, initiatives, projects, and metric information

About Y-Change, Inc.

Y-Change, Inc. was built on the premise that companies will succeed best when their organization’s goals and objectives are cascaded and tied directly to specific programs and projects.

Y-Change provides an integrated product suite that strategies to objectives, integrates portfolios and projects and drives coordinated decision making and accountability throughout an organization. When officers, managers, and employees are together “on the same page”, they all contribute to the success of the strategic goals.

Established in 1998, their online management tools have been designed to take advantage of the Internet using original applications at the forefront of web-based technologies, creating the “edge” necessary to succeed in today’s volatile market. Learn more at

Y-Change and the Y-Change Logo are registered trademarks of Y-Change, Inc.


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