Strategy Execution

Manage your Strategy

Portfolio Execution

Manage any portfolio of projects

Project Execution

Executing and aligning of projects

Performance Dashboard

Customized Reports


Connect with employees

ISM enables organizations to integrate, align and manage all strategic, tactical and performance information.

With ISM, your company can support all strategy and initiative management, including Hoshin, OGSM, MBO and VSE.

Each department or area can organize, manage and link their strategies, objectives, initiatives and tactics to all programs and projects throughout the organization.

Our tool allows you to work on your current year, while planning for your next year’s information, as well as referencing information from previous years.

Executives and managers can easily create and update dashboards and performance metrics, with simple double clicking to edit information, in accordance with company security procedures.

Additional resources, including meetings, metrics, documents and action logs are easily available.