Y-Change offers a variety of professional services to create end-to-end solutions around its flagship Integrated Strategy Execution software. Our approach is geared to make sure your software implementation is successful and delivers the results you expect.

Strategy Execution

Integrated Strategy Manager (ISM) is the first real-time strategy management software which translates corporate strategy into aligned objectives, metrics, initiatives and projects.

Project/Portfolio Execution

Project/Portfolio Management provides the ability for all managers to track the progress of multiple projects that are important to them. These projects may be of a specific type that cut across all department boundaries (i.e. Six Sigma), be a part of a specific initiative within a division or department (i.e. Cost Reduction or Customer Satisfaction), or may be those that fall under the responsibility of a specific manager (i.e. Continuous Improvement projects within manufacturing).


Using ISM is a better way manage your strategies, metrics, projects and people. Instead of building & running excel applications yourself, you can create, manage, and deploy all of this information through your web browser.